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Cherry Hill Seminary -- Professional Pagan ministry education.

Pagan Chant of the Month -- Chants in Real Audio format.

Witchvox -- The best Pagan news and networking site on the web.

Society of Elder Faiths -- Massachusetts nonprofit that holds public rituals and workshops for the Pagan community. Their intense and sophisticated Samhain ritual is highly recommended.

Council of Magickal Arts -- Central Texas neopagan organization. Organizes seasonal festivals and publishes quarterly magazine, Accord.

Trinity United Methodist Church -- Located in Austin, Texas, Trinity is a Creation Spirituality-centered, Reconciling Congregation, and welcomes all people regardless of race, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental ability, economic class, or educational class.

Wisdom University -- Center for training in Matthew Fox's earth-centered, ecumenical religious movement.