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Liturgy for Prayer Beads -- Inspired by Donald Engstrom after Midwest Camp 2004.

Spring Equinox Ritual -- Presented privately, 2004 and 2005.

Beltane Directions -- Written for Beltane 2002.

Midsummer Directions -- Written for Midsummer 2002.

Lammas Directions -- Written for Lammas 2002.

Samhain Ritual -- Presented for the Heathen Union of Boston, October 2003.

Fire ritual -- A brief ecstatic ritual celebrating fire.

Mealtime Directions -- A pre-meal directional invocation.

Kali Grace -- A mealtime prayer to Kali.

Charge of the Spider Goddess -- A first-person invocation of S/he Who Is.

The Four Sisters -- Directional invocation adapted from a poem by Nancy Wood.

Prayer Retreat Directions -- Calling of the directions specially written for a church retreat on prayer and meditation in different religious traditions.

Many of the earth-centered Christian liturgies below can also be easily adapted to a neopagan context. See particularly 777 Directions, Women's Spirituality Directions, and the invocations contained in Ground of Being.

Practitioners may also find my Annotated Bibliography of Histories and Ethnographies of Interest to Neo-Pagans useful.

Earth-centered Christian

Ground of Being -- Invocations, communion liturgy, and ritual activities for eight seasonal festivals. Introduced by a short academic paper explaining the context of the project.

777 Directions -- A set of invocations using a 7-element system.

777 Directions -- The same set of invocations adapted for use by a church congregation or large group.

Women's Spirituality Directions -- A simple calling of the directions that I wrote for my women's group.

Thanksgiving directions -- Thanksgiving calling of the directions.

World Communion Directions -- Calling of the directions for World Communion Sunday.

Civil Rights Directions -- Calling of the directions for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

9/11 Directions -- Calling of the directions for the first Sunday after 9/11.

St. Patrick Directions -- A calling of the directions adapted from the famous prayer attributed to St. Patrick.

Journey Directions -- Playful directions with a journeying theme.

Palm Sunday Directions -- Written for Palm Sunday 2002.

Unity Directions -- Written for Pride Sunday 2002.

Four Fold Way Directions -- Inspired by the book of the same title.

Four Fold Advent Candle Lighting -- Companion advent liturgies for the Four Fold Way Directions.