about me

-about me-

Christine Kraemer holds a PhD in Religion and Literature from Boston University, where she wrote a dissertation focusing on religion and alternative sexuality in literature and film. She is currently Managing Editor of the Pagan Channel at Patheos.com and teaching for Cherry Hill Seminary, an online Pagan seminary offering training in professional ministry. (academic CV)

As a liturgist and ritual designer, Christine gained experience at Trinity United Methodist Church, a progressive, nature-affirming congregation, where she wrote original liturgy for worship, organized the Women's Spirituality group in 2000-2001, and co-facilitated the weekly earthbound nature-based service. Through the Reclaiming tradition, she has taught public workshops on various kinds of spiritual practice and self-development work. Currently, she is an initiate of a religious witchcraft tradition and practices privately with a small group. Christine's interests and knowledge of Pagan and occult traditions range widely and include Thelema and ceremonial magick as well as a variety of forms of witchcraft.

As of December 2008, Christine is also a licensed massage therapist, having completed a 500-hour program of training at the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage. She continues to enjoy this very physical modality for her healing work.

She lives in the Boston area.