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about me

I offer celebrancy services including weddings, commitment ceremonies, handfastings, betrothals, naming ceremonies, memorial services, and more. I will perform a ceremony you write or give me, or work with you to create the right original ritual for your occasion. My ordination, which allows me to perform legal weddings in many states, is through the Universal Life Church, a religious organization created to legally ordain clergy who are not part of a traditional religious institution. In Massachusetts, I am able to perform legal weddings by becoming a temporary Justice of the Peace (a service offered by the state for a small fee).

I specialize in Pagan and earth-centered Christian ritual. If you hire me to create an original ritual for you, I will work with you in person, over the phone, and by e-mail to create a clear intent for the ritual and to take the needs of you and the other participants into account. Whether you want to be married barefoot in a grassy field or in your finest formal clothes before the altar, I can help you craft a ceremony that fits both your beliefs and your style.

Please inquire about availability, fees, or potential barter.

Sample Weddings

Sabrina and Victor's wedding -- 2006