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about me

I teach workshops in contemporary Pagan spirituality and witchcraft.

I also do spiritual direction for newcomers to the Pagan movement on a limited basis. Spiritual direction sessions may include guided meditation, divination, book recommendations and discussion, meditation and energy work techniques, exploration of the diversity of Pagan traditions and local groups, and more. I see my role in spiritual direction as helping my clients determine if Paganism is right for them, assisting them in developing a practice, and potentially connecting them with a suitable tradition, group, or long-term teacher. If interested, inquire about my current rates and availability. Depending on my current load of commitments, I may be open to barter.

I am available to teach the following workshops, and generally work with a co-teacher.

Witchcraft 101

Covers topics including ritual design, trance work, forming relationship with deity, divination, energy sensing and projection, the elements, spell work, meditation, forming a daily practice, and more. Runs as an all-day Saturday or full weekend workshop.

Introduction to the Sacred Erotic

The Charge of the Goddess tells us, "All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals." But what does it mean to say that love and pleasure are sacred? Sexuality is not just about genitals or procreation. It is also about sensuality and life force. In this workshop we will explore what makes sexuality sacred. Through ritual, partnered and individual exercises, song, and dance, we will begin to affirm our desires and better understand the erotic nature of interconnectedness. Willingness to take risks and respect boundaries is essential. This workshop runs as a 3-hour evening class.